Some people know me from playing with my band Seasons After. These days, I spend my time creating new music, producing music for other artists, doing graphic design, and photography. My main focus and passion is mixing! There is something very fulfilling about getting a track from a band or artist and bringing it from concept to realizing the final vision. My goal is to make everything sound larger than life and make it jump out of the speakers. It may be a little nerdy, but I love it!


I have a home studio where I do all my recording and mixing.  It's an awesome space where I have everything I need to make tasty jams with people. My long time partner in crime and band-mate, Jimmy Beattie does a lot of work with me in the studio as well.  We like to call it Aphotic Studios.




I've been very fortunate to work with a lot of artists, and I wish I could put up every song I've ever done, but I can't.

So... here are a few tracks I have worked on that will give you an idea of my work.


CW : Co-Wrote  |  E : Engineered  |  AP : Additional Production  |  P : Produced  |  M : Mixed







"Working with Chris at Aphotic Studios has been amazing. his attention to detail is second to none. His work rate is unreal. He turned around an EP's worth of material in a week, and the mixes were huge, radio ready mixes! Quick on revisions. Took time to understand my business and production teams goals with the music and direction. As a producer and studio owner myself, Chris' approach is a welcome inspiration that any and every artist can benefit from. Chris really brought the feel, sound and punch of the songs to life. Upping my game as an artist and helping me take this record to the next level."


Norman Matthew // As Strange As Angels, Murder FM

"Chris is easily one of the best engineers we’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s very professional, easy going, he listens, understands and tries his absolute hardest to achieve the concepts you bring to him. I highly recommend working with him on your next record. Keep your eyes peeled, he will be a house hold name emerging on top very soon."


Zach Bedsaul //  SAUL

"Working with Chris Dawson and Jimmy Beattie at Aphotic Studios has undoubtedly pushed Take The Day's music to a level we never thought possible. Their exceptional knowledge of engineering, songwriting, and in-studio production is an absolute necessity for any band or artist trying to succeed in an ever expanding industry."


Matt Circle //  Take The Day

"World class. My experience working at Aphotic Studios was top notch from start to finish. The commitment to excellence, attention to detail and passion for their craft is second to none. From a creative perspective, Dawson and Jimmy have the ability to take your music to a whole new level, adding depth, dimension and feel to a song, no matter how developed it is or is not when you walk in."


Mike Massions // Artist and HeadRush Product Specialist

"I have recorded 2 tracks at Aphotic Studios with Dawson and Jimmy.  They have been absolutely instrumental in helping me grow and develop my sound.  Their vision, knowledge, and professionalism is unmatched.  When working with them, I always feel like I am learning, growing, and improving.  They pull things out of you in the studio that you don't know you possess and really strive to help you bring your vision to life.  I am beyond pleased with the results and plan to go back to do more recording as soon as possible.  If you're looking for amazing production and a professional and fun place to record your music, look no further than Aphotic Studios."


Dusty Grant // Dusty Grant

"Aphotic Is my band's secret weapon. We would absolutely not go anywhere else. They have taken our music to a whole new level!! Super friendly. Super knowledgeable. You need Aphotic in your life if you are serious about your music!."


Kenny Waring // Take The Day

"I've worked with Dawson for over ten years, he's creative, professional, and a master at focussing on the task. I admire his candor and tenacity, and his work ethic is second to none."


David Elias Ruyle // Black Box Warning



I would love to work on your music! Hit me up and we can talk!



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